Best of February and late winter from Hidden House and the Pirttijärvi Farm!

It has been a very pleasant winter so far with moderate amount of snow and relatively mild temperatures. Many birds, especially woodpeckers can be heard preparing for the spring season already. Spring is always a time of light and joy in the colder climates where we live – winter, of course, has its own charm, but there is nothing like Nordic spring…

There have been quite a few unusually misty days lately as can be seen in the photos above, too. But, the scenery above the lake can be very fantastic with a bit of mist and the colourful evening skies at dusk at this time of the year.

The glamping season 2023 is about to begin soon. We will be open at weekends only until the beginning of May, full time during the summer months, and then weekends only from mid September onwards. Our website is the best and cheapest way to book, see here for bookings and availability .

Welcome to enjoy our private glamping site during summer season 2023!