It has been a very strange and unusual year for all of us. The spread of the corona virus closed the borders of our country before the start of the summer holiday season, and there is still no way of knowing what the coming winter will bring.

It goes without saying that we have seen very few foreign travellers with us this summer. On the other hand, the number of domestic guests has been significantly on the rise, and we are very grateful for that. The tourism business is struggling in many parts of the world now – the Finnish Lapland comes to mind first.

This autumn has been exceptionally warm in our area. I picked the last strawberries from our garden yesterday, which is quite unbelievable! Usually we have frosts and the first signs of snow at this time of the year. Glamping, however, is so much fun when it is still quite warm, but the dark autumn nights are there already. It is very cosy in the warm tent, even more so when it is raining…

Let’s hope things will return to more normal soon all over the world. Our glamping site will be open until the end of November, but then we will close our doors until Christmas. Hopefully there will be a white winter world waiting for our guests at the start of the New Year!