Cosy corner in the making

Cosy corner in the making

I have got some happy news to tell you: our lovely, new Hidden House was inspected by the authorities this morning, and we passed the inspection with flying colours. It means that soon our hidden hideaway will be open for all travellers who look for something peaceful and private well off the beaten path.

The planning and building of our glamping unit has taken more or less a whole year, not counting the number of years the idea of wanting to create something special and unique on our land has been simmering at the back of my mind. When we took over the farm after my grandparents almost 20 years ago, I always thought I would love to share my fondness of the place with people, but until now I never found a way that would have felt right for the quiet, special atmosphere of the site, and the lakes and the forests and the wildlife around us.

So, I was very lucky to bump into the people behind CampLand Finland last year. Their unique construction, resembling a very large tent was standing by the lake when I first saw it, and I was sold the minute I stepped into the cosy, warm interior with the wide glass windows embracing the view, hearing the hum of the trees and the sounds of the birds from outside the canvas. I just knew I had found the perfect holiday home for our perfect little corner on the planet, and now, almost a year later, we will soon be ready to open.

A big thank you for all the skilled and enthusiastic professionals who have taken part in our project and shown their support in many, many ways! Our project may have been smallish in scale, but it has required the skills of surprisingly many people from different areas of life. A special thank you go to the local authorities for the good advice, the smooth and quick handling of the building permissions, and very friendly and helpful service.

Now all we need is to bring in comfortable beds and a few other bits and pieces, to spread one of two nice rugs on the floor, and we will wish travellers welcome to step into the magic of Hidden House Pirttijärvi!

June 15th, 2018|