There is still plenty of snow on the ground, and it looks very much like winter. Nevertheless, the glamping season has already started with the first guests arriving last weekend.

They arrived just in time to enjoy one of the worst storms of the winter: the wind was howling and the snow was flying, and the temperature was well on the minus side (around -10 degrees). But no worries inside our excellent glamping tent!

The effective air source heat pump maintains room temperature inside the tent no matter how hard winter weather there is outside. It is actually quite amazing to hear all the sounds of the woodland around you, like the winter storm last weekend, while sitting in a cosy tent with a cup of hot coffee or tea in your hand. This is something you just have to experience yourself, it is hard to put the feeling into words.

But now the storm is well over, and the bright, almost blinding, spring sun is out again. The surface of the snow is very hard, thanks to the changing weather of the last few weeks, and this gives you the opportunity to walk or to ski or to go snowshoeing almost anywhere on lakes and in the forests. This is one of the best pleasures of early winter around here, and it must be enjoyed to the full now – not all winters are like this anymore.

Spring is, however, just around the corner. The ravens and the woodpeckers have been making quite a noise for a while already. We have plenty of woodpeckers in the forests around our farm: the great spotted woodpecker, black woodpecker and grey-headed woodpecker can be heard all the time at this time of the year. The fluted call of the pygmy owl is a sure sign of the spring, and soon the black grouse will gather on the ice of our lake for their courtship rituals. This among other things to look forward to at our farm and glamping site!

Have a look at the photos and see for yourself how well our small glamping house is hidden in the surrounding landscape.